How do I activate Call Forwarding? Can I Forward calls to my cell?

To activate Call forwarding, dial *72 and then enter the number you wish to forward to. This number may be another extension or an external number.
Calls to your desk phone will now be automatically forwarded to the new number until it has been deactivated.

To deactivate Call Forwarding dial *73.

How do I setup my Voicemail?

To access your Voicemail dial *97.
You will be prompted to enter your password followed by the # key. If this is the first time you are accessing your Voicemail it will be set to the default (1234). You may change your password later in the menu. Use the following guide to navigate the menu:
Press 1 for New Messages - After new message plays you can

  • Press 3 for Advanced Option
  • Press 5 to Repeat Message
  • Press 7 to Delete Message
  • Press 8 to Forward Message
  • Press 9 to Save Message
  • Press * for Help
  • Press # to Exit

Press 2 to Change Folders

  • Press 0 for New Messages
  • Press 1 for Old Messages
  • Press 2 for Work Messages
  • Press 3 for Family Messages
  • Press 4 for Friends Messages
  • Press # to Cancel

Press 3 for Advanced Options

  • Press 5 to Leave a Message
  • Press * to Return to Main Menu

Press 0 for Mail Box Options

  • Press 1 to Record your Unavailable Message
  • Press 2 to Record your Busy Message
  • Press 3 to Record your Name
  • Press 4 to Manage your Temporary Greeting
  • Press 5 to Change your Password
  • Press * to Return to Main Menu

Press * for Help
Press # to Exit

How do I answer a Ring Group call? What happens when I answer it?

To answer a Ring Group call you have to have been added to the Group by your IT Administrator. All phones associated with a group will ring when they receive a call. Only one person may answer the call at a time. Once somebody has answered the call, the other phones in the group will stop ringing.

Can I activate DnD (Do not disturb)?

Yes, to put your phone into DnD mode manually dial *78. You may also press the DnD button on your phone, it will be labelled. Once activated, incoming callers will now receive a busy signal or sent directly to your Voicemail when dialing to your phone.
Dial *79 to deactivate DnD or press the DnD key again.

What is General Call Pickup?

General Call Pickup is a function that allows you to answer any call on the network even if it isn’t calling your extension. This can be handy when one of your colleagues is out of the office and they’ve asked you to take their calls.
To answer a call dial *8.

How do I transfer a call?

For instructions on transferring a call, click here.

What is a Call Queue?

Call Queuing allows you to place an incoming call into a ‘line’ of calls waiting to be answered if all phones are busy – similar to a call center. The queued calls will remain in the queue until their place ‘in line’ has been reached and someone picks up the call or the incoming caller hangs up. Whilst in the queue, the caller will hear waiting music and/or an intermittent message asking them to stay on the line.
If you wish to put a caller back in the queue, you simply transfer the call to the Call Queue’s assigned extension number (e.g. 50667) like you would a call to another phone.
E.g. Caller A has been waiting 10 minutes for someone to pick-up his call. You answer his call to inform him that another operator will be available shortly. You then transfer the call to the extension assigned to the Call Queue to place him back in line.

How do I check a recording?

T22 and T26 phones are capable of recording a call. To begin recording (at any point in the call) dial *1. When the call has finished, the call is saved automatically. To retrieve a recording you will need to contact your IT Administrator with the date and time of the call as well as the incoming caller’s number.

Contact IT Support

To contact your IT Administrator, you can submit a ticket here.
Alternatively, you can email or call (910)-249-4255

NOTE: calls or emails may experience large wait times. For a speedy response to your query it is advised you use the TIPS ticketing system.

Troubleshooting Guide

Common phone issues

This section is intended as a quick guide to help users resolve typical problems experienced by users with the Yealink T22 and T26 VoIP phones. If after reading through this guide you are unable to identify/resolve the issue you are having, please submit a ticket online here.

My phone isn’t ringing when I receive a call/I cannot receive calls

Check to see that Do-not-disturb hasn’t been activated. You can disable Do-not-disturb by pressing the DnD button on your phone or by dialing *78.

I can’t call an external number

To call an external number you must precede the number you’re dialing with a 9. E.g. 9910-xxx-xxx