Hosted Voice Over IP (VoIP)

TIPS’s delivers hosted VoIP communications solutions that are, reliable, secure, and incredibly advanced. Our Hosted VoIP is a fully-managed service, delivering the convenience of a single bill along with the power of an IP-based telecommunications system. Our hosted VoIP system makes it simple to create and deploy a wide range of telephony applications and services, including IP PBX’s, VoIP gateways, call center ACDs and IVR systems. TIPS, using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), can provide a complete hosted solution for any size company. At TIPS we offer a truly viable, cost-effective alternative to complex, on-premise phone systems that require a significant financial investment along with a knowledgeable staff. Our hosted VoIP solutions not only exceed the critical performance requirements of our most demanding customers, but enable capabilities, such as distributed deployments, that premise-based systems cannot cost-effectively manage. You can expect nothing but superior technology and reliability from a TIPS VoIP system. Our system allows for future growth with a minimal cost as your technology needs expands.

Cloud-based Solution

The TIPS cloud-based business phone system is both hosted and managed. This means that you do not need to have the phone system in a location onsite. Instead, the system is located in our secure data centers, and we take responsibility for owning, configuring and management of the system. TIPS customers connect to the system through secure SSL connections for the best call quality and reliability. Some of the benefits to a cloud or hosted solution are:

  • Cloud based VoIP alternative eliminates the need for dedicated IT staff and all those IT headaches, reduces resource costs and frees up your team to work projects that relate to your core business.
  • Cloud VoIP systems simplify adding users, regardless of time and place, is seamless and unlimited. You don’t need to guess now how many employees you will have over the next few years and you never have to worry about outgrowing your phone system’s capacity. In addition, you only pay for what you need.
  • As businesses grow, their needs change. With an on-premise system you are stuck with the features the system comes with. New features require a painful and often expensive upgrade.
By accessing the centralized software platform in the cloud customers can request and take advantage of new features and capabilities at any time. These new features can be added and made available to all system users at the same time without any disruption in service or new hardware requirements. When you choose a cloud based VoIP telephone system you can be sure that this is one way to future proof your business.

Other Features

The TIPS solution will provide unlimited calling, including Long Distance inside the contiguous lower 48 states. The system will provide local dialing between all locations no matter where they are located. The system will be in compliance with E911 and you can retain your current telephone number. The system can be configured to provide call management and delivery in various options, including: the ability for each office to have a fully functional auto attendant, a dial by name function, voice mail, voice mail to e-mail, Find Me Follow Me (Extension to Mobile), text to speech, ring groups & queues, dial directory, and several other collaboration tools. Management tools included allow for online PBX administration for recording of any conversation for security reasons and a web based interface for user management that provides a full menu of reporting options.

Advanced Features

Fully functional auto attendant, a dial by name function, voice mail, voice mail to e-mail, Find Me Follow Me (Extension to Mobile), text to speech, ring groups & queues, dial directory, and several other collaboration tools.

More Scalability

Our VoIP systems simplify adding users and with unlimited capacity the system can scale to any fit any size company. Adding new features is simple and seamless to other users providing a real ROI for your company.

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Terms of Service

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