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Minimize Threats with Security

Permission-Based Access

Grant access to the employees who need to enter specific areas within your business.

Scheduled Access

Only allow access to your business during certain time periods.

Secure Access

Provide hard-to-duplicate key fobs, cards or a secure mobile app for employees to access your facility.

Movement Monitoring

Monitor where and when cardholders enter your business.

Card Deactivation

Quickly deactivate key cards when an employee leaves your company.

Automatic Locking

Set doors to lock automatically for extra security.

Remote Control

Remotely control access to your business from your laptop or mobile device.

Access Activity Reports

Get reports on who accessed your business throughout the day.

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Access Control Solutions that
Match Your Needs

Different types and sizes of businesses have different access needs. Access Control solutions from us can help keep your employees and inventory safer by limiting who can enter your business, how they can enter it, and when they can enter it.

  • Control employee entrances
  • Limit access to secure offices
  • Restrict entrance to IT server rooms
  • Protect customer files from unauthorized access
  • Limit access to only staff
  • Restrict access to controlled substances
  • Protect product and customer information
  • Give regular customers or members code-access to your business
  • Manage access control remotely via a smart device

Fast, Live Phone

A live service agent will try to answer your call within 60 seconds, regardless of the time of day.

Same-Day or Next-Day Service

Receive same-day or next-day service, depending on technician availability, if an issue arises with your security system.

Skilled Sales Staff and Technicians

Our salespeople have a deep understanding of business security. Our technicians have an average of 11 years’ service with Security IP Solutions.