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Handset Paging & Intercom Service

True IP Solutions provides scalable IP paging that can be customized to fit your needs. Utilizing SIP-based paging adapters, we can integrate with your current on-premises system to provide an all-in-one VoIP package combining telephony and overhead paging. Our paging solutions have given flexibility and functionality to school districts, car dealerships, and food processing plants across the United States.

What is IP Paging?

IP paging is not the dusty old paging system you’re used to. With network-based IP paging systems, you’ll enjoy a quicker and more flexible installation than traditional wired, analog systems, while eliminating the need for separate voice and data networks. Our solutions employ equipment from industry leaders like Algo, Snom, Valcom, and Cyberdata.

Our Service Highlights

  • IP phones can be used as a paging or two-way intercom system
  • IP multicast paging allows phones to listen to a broadcast address rather than each device being a SIP call
  • Integrates with most existing overhead paging systems
  • Time clock chimes for class changes, shift changes, or breaks (bell scheduler)
  • Flexible zones and mapping
  • Mass notifications of a pending action or event
  • Integration with IP cameras and access control

Please contact sales@trueipsolutions.com for additional information or a quote.