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Utilizing over 30 years in the telecommunications industry


True IP Solutions can set up both Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN), depending on the needs of your company. LANs and WANs are simply two different ways for computers to share services and resources. For smaller organizations, LANs are a fast, secure, and reliable way to transmit data. Larger companies with multiple locations spread throughout different geographic regions can make use of WANs to help users communicate, regardless of where they’re physically located.



Local Area Networks are best suited for small companies with just a few users, although they can serve as many as 100 users if need be. Though small, LANs have large bandwidth and can transmit data at extremely high speeds. LANs are also cost-efficient and offer a quick and easy setup. Since they’re contained to one location they’re also highly secure and are easy to scale up/down.


Wide Area Networks are perfect for large companies that have offices and/or employees in different locations. Since WANs are quite large, it takes longer to transmit data than it would using a LAN. That said, WANs have some distinct advantages that LANs don’t. For instance, when paired with VPNs and IPsec, WANs are highly secure. They can be connected to a centralized server in order to allow users to access the same files, data, and software no matter where they are. Finally, WANs are virtually limitless when it comes to how many users and locations they can serve.


No matter what kind of hardware your office needs, the correct setup is crucial to making sure your network and machines work flawlessly. Structured cabling is the practice of designing and installing a cabling system that can handle both current and future networking/hardware needs in the most efficient way possible. With True IP Solutions, you’ll have the ideal cabling setup, without an office or server room that’s covered in cables. Every business is unique, which means their structured cabling has to be as well. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to cabling. At True IP Solutions, we take a variety of factors into account before designing a customized structured cabling plan, like:
  • The size of your office
  • The type of building the setup will be in
  • Environmental factors that could affect the setup (humidity, natural disaster risks, etc.)
  • Whether the setup may need to shrink/expand over time
  • Which equipment will best suit your needs in the present and the future