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Unified Communications as a Service

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) refers to the integration of messaging, telephony, collaboration and productivity in a single interface across multiple devices, delivered via the cloud. In the most basic of terms, UCaaS provides businesses with the tools they need to make calls, have meetings, work on documents and communicate online.


UCaaS provides an all-in-one, cost effective solution to provide communication and collaboration for small to large businesses. Most employees want to be able to share files, message, meet and make calls with one standalone app, which saves time and makes the user more efficient. Due to it’s low cost and scalability, businesses can re-prioritize their time and money for other business needs.


Our UCaaS empowers collaboration for your small business. From using the True IP Solutions Portal, Microsoft Teams or our Click-to-Call extension, you can call and chat within your business from anywhere around the world, to within the office environment
For additional information in regards to integrations with your business, please feel free to contact Support or view our knowledge base here.