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With the recent uptick in employees working remotely, many organizations are beginning to spot flaws in their legacy PBX. Whether it be a lack of mobility or an inability to integrate with modern business applications, traditional phone systems are falling short. As a result, many IT leaders are searching for new solutions to give their companies the scalability and functionality required to meet the demands of the modern consumer. Hosted VoIP makes finding these solutions simple.


Chances are you’ve heard the term POTS, short for plain old telephone service. It’s the technology many of us grew up using in our homes and has been the standard voice-grade telephone system used by businesses and residences alike since the end of the 19th Century. However, as technology has advanced, more versatile options have emerged and pushed POTS to the point of obsoletion. According to reports from the FCC, retail switch access for traditional phone users has declined at a compounded annual rate of 11 percent since 2013. This hasn’t gone unnoticed. A 2017 FCC vote passed a groundbreaking decision making it easier for major carriers to cease support for copper facilities by eliminating requirements for FCC approval and certain consumer notices. In the years since, major carriers like Verizon and AT&T have officially discontinued support and maintenance for copper facilities in several major US markets.


Upgrading your business’s phone system provides flexibility while saving you time and money. Below we highlight a few benefits of making the switch to a hosted VoIP platform:

  • Work from Anywhere: In a hosted environment, you access a cloud-based PBX system through an IP network. In other words, users can work from anywhere they have internet.
  • Accessibility: You don’t necessarily need your desktop phone to make a phone call. Our hosted system includes a webphone via your Internet browser and a mobile application for cell phones.
  • No Down Time: Utilizing our suite of collaboration tools and “Find Me, Follow Me” feature, users can continue to make and receive calls during an internet outage. Your business can remain in contact with your vendors, clients, and other critical contacts with no loss in customer service, sales, profitability, etc.
  • No Large Investment Necessary: To utilize a hosted PBX, it’s not necessary to purchase a complex infrastructure. Unlike traditional on-premise systems, you will not be burdened with high expenses for repairs and downtime.
  • No Ongoing Maintenance and Training: Our hosted system is managed at an off-site location. There’s no need for you to have dedicated in-house staff, and a hosted PBX doesn’t need to be taken offline for repairs, maintenance, or updating.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, your hosted phone system can grow seamlessly – without system limitations. Simply contact our support team or login to our user-friendly management portal to make changes to existing users or add new users.
  • Redundancy: With four geo-redundant servers located across the US, you never have to worry about losing connectivity. Automatic failover guarantees uptime and work security.

Full vs Phased Rollout: What Works Best for Your Company?

Change can be intimidating, especially when it comes to something you work with every day. However, making the transition to a hosted VoIP platform doesn’t mean you have to immediately discontinue your old phone system. Although we do offer full rollouts, many of which are completed in one business day, a phased rollout allows you to continue using your existing system in conjunction with our hosted platform. No need to wait for phone numbers to be ported. You can begin deploying IP phones and training end users at your own pace. When the numbers port to us, we’ll redirect them without your users ever skipping a beat. Our engineers handle integrating the systems behind the scenes and can mimic any current call routing, meaning your employees can continue using the system they’re accustomed to during the switch while gaining the added functionality – webphone, mobile app, etc. – of hosted VoIP. This also allows you to schedule your phased implementation and break your install into smaller groups by department or office location.


For more information on making the transition to the True IP Solutions Hosted VoIP Platform, contact our sales team:


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Migrating from Legacy PBX to Hosted VoIP